Mario the budgie: Today I rescued another budgie

Introducing "Mario"

Sorry for the picture being blurry. My kids are so excited to have a new budgie at home that they wouldn’t allow me to take Mario (our newly rescued budgie) long enough to snap a good picture of him.

Mario: October 1, 2023 is when we found 

Today it was cool since it’s the weekend, my kids had soccer (football) practice. I decided to stay in the car because I wasn’t feeling so well. However, after an hour, my youngest son came to me and we sat in the car chatting for awhile before my husband called out to me. He pointed to the fence that surrounded the soccer pitch and told me there was a little budgie up there.

It was cloudy and looked like rain so I tried to think of a way to get the budgie down. I shook the fence but my husband told me I was distracting my older son’s class so I had to stop. My husband suggest throwing my youngest son’s rolled up socks at the budgie which didn’t work. I thought about climbing the fence to get it but my husband warned me that I could severely hurt myself and cause our sons to be distressed if I fell.

Finally, I remembered how my oldest son used to play YouTube videos of budgie calls that would attract his budgie to him (see source below for the video I used to rescue “Mario”). I looked down at my phone hoping to pull up a video quickly but before I could, the little budgie flew away. I was upset but kept an eye on the budgie to see where it would land. Again, it landed at the soccer pitch but slightly lower (still out of reach though). I immediately started playing the video and the budgie responded.

It came lower and even flew just above my head looking for the source of the sound. It finally landed low enough on the fence. I would like to say that I caught it in the most humane way but I would be lying. The way the little budgie was sitting on the fence, I had no choice but to grab at its tail and hope for the best or lose him forever if he flew off where I couldn’t get to him. He did lose some feathers in the process but overall he’s doing fine. We couldn’t find a vet to look him over but as soon as we do fine one, he’ll get a thorough check up.

Where did he come from?

I haven’t a clue where the little guy came from. Unfortunately, he could have been local or he could have flown a distance away from his home. Two earthquakes had hit near the Turkish-Syrian border which resulted in many lives lost and many people displaced. Animals such as pet budgies were also displace. I’m sure many cages broke which led to many of the birds escaping and unable to be recovered. Many budgies probably died in the wild because they are unable to find food or water. Those who are lucky have or will get rescued by someone. This budgie we are calling Mario seems healthy and well fed but again I don’t really know where he comes from. We didn’t see anyone looking for the budgie but Ankara is a big city. For now he has a new home.


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