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Thinking about starting Calligraphy Handwriting practice

Hopefully, I can get my husband to help me with this....

My husband learned calligraphy when he was younger in school. He learned Arabic Calligraphy which can be very elaborate at times. I once asked him to teach me but he said it’s difficult to learn (I’m guessing it’s because I don’t know much Arabic, lol).

My foster mom had a calligraphy set which I played around with for a bit. However, since she was focused on getting me through High School and into a university (she didn’t want to see me fail in life), she took the set away so I didn’t get to learn calligraphy.

Several years later, I feel as if it’s time for me to cross this off my bucket list at some point. Thanks to reddit and YouTube, I’ve decided to start self-learning Calligraphy.

Reddit gets a bad reputation

Personally, I think Reddit gets a bad reputation due to some of the subreddits. However, I prefer to spend my time learning and conversing on subreddits that helps me to improve my life.

I’ll be looking at the Calligraphy subreddit (I’ll include others as time goes on):


And I’ll be watching YouTubers who I will list in an updated version of this blog post.

Why learn Calligraphy?

I guess because it looks fun and challenging. Just like the millions of other things I want to do (write a book for National Novel Writing Month in November, coding, learn a musical instrument, learn another language, re-learn Calculus, etc.). I’m 39 years old and just feel the need to learn things.

Maybe self-learning is a hobby of mine?

Anyways, it’s the journey of doing something new, something different that I enjoy.

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