Finished the React Crash Course – Build A Full Recipe App Tutorial

And it's broken....

I had completed the React Crash Course – Build A Full Recipe App Tutorial. 

I found it to be easy to follow with only a few things that needed some updating.

Self-learning vs being taught by my husband

My husband has gotten into coding seriously. I have always been a self-learner but not very serious when it came to coding as a way to make money. It was more of a hobby for me. Now, I’m finding myself learning the basics and enjoying it.

However, my husband is the complete opposite of me. Where I love to learn on my own, make mistake, find out how to fix it on my own, he loves teaching. It clashes with what I want vs what he want. So every so often, I may ask him for help knowing he’ll end up doing things I don’t need or want him to do. Which brings me to how my Spoonacular code broke after I was done with it.


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Yes, I can be quite stubborn when it comes to not asking for help when I need it. It’s just a habit I had since childhood which I haven’t grown out of and it could be frustrating at times.

Putting the final touches

After I was done with the tutorial, I had asked my husband to look over it. Of course, he found a few faults with it such as the search box wasn’t centered enough and a few other things that didn’t come out right. He helped me to change some things which led to my Spoonacular project breaking. Things like the recipe showing up 3 times, etc.

So far, I didn’t find anything very hard. In fact, I found learning react to be fun. I would suggest an updated version of this tutorial if one is done. This one is a year old.

I’ll leave this spoonacular tutorial for now and come back to it later. I’m moving on to the Rick and Morty wiki tutorial found on Freecodecamp.


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